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High Cotton Ramblings

Look at us grow!   Expanding to D.C.

Look at us grow! Expanding to D.C.

March 18th, 2014

As most of you who are familiar with the Huntsville / Madison County area already know, we all have deep ties to the Washington D.C. area.  Our local economy is fueled by Redstone Arsenal, NASA, and the contractors who support them.  Our airport spends it's day shuttling people back and forth.  High Cotton Solutions loves helping out the great folks of Madison County, the Tennessee Valley, and beyond.  So we figured it just makes sense that our next targeted growth should hit our sister city - Washington, D.C. There are so many opportunities and needs that we'd like to meet - helping candidates and organizations develop their campaign website and materials, helping contracting companies fulfill contract needs or better position themselves[...]

Exciting Growth at High Cotton Solutions!

Exciting Growth at High Cotton Solutions!

July 2nd, 2013

We constantly strive to do more and be better for our clients.  We are thrilled with some of the exciting changes going on here at High Cotton Solutions.  So what's going on? FASTER INTERNET

We have recently upgraded our service to boost Internet speeds so that less time is spent waiting, uploading, downloading....... and more time is spent working, communicating, and being productive.  You may not notice a direct effect.  But we will!  We'll be able to receive materials quicker, make changes faster, finish projects sooner, and do more in less time.  It's only day one and we've noticed DRASTIC improvement.  Working is now EASIER.


Hallelujah!  The old iMac just turned 7 years old.  7 YEARS!  We take very good care of[...]

A New Chapter for High Cotton Solutions

A New Chapter for High Cotton Solutions

May 4th, 2013

When the High Cotton Solutions story began, I honestly wasn't quite sure what I was going to write.... a poem - a short rhythm to remember fondly; a short story - with character definition and a plot but brevity; a novel - lengthy and perhaps gripping but with a definite beginning, middle and end; or a series - epic and changing with endless possibilities. It began as my solution to every mother's dilemma of returning to work after her first child.  I wasn't ready.  How could anyone but me possibly take care of this tiny creature who was totally powerless yet held complete control over me?  So after the birth of a child, came the birth of a company. But as the[...]